Belief Systems

Everyone has perspective. Not only do we have perspective about everything in life but also God. As well, we have perspective on church, the bible, money, people, finances, etc. The list goes on and on!! Our perspectives control our lives.

Most of us have a perspective of God and the bible, whether we realize it or not, based on the life experiences we've had and the people that have mentored us along the way. Whether those influences were good or bad they contributed to the perspectives (belief systems) we have today. That means anyone from pastors, family members and even coworkers who may have had some level of influence over us.

There's nothing wrong with that for the most part. We need positive influencers in our lives to help us gain proper perspective concerning whatever it is we're going through at that time.

How powerful is perspective? (aka belief systems)

In Jesus day, the religious group He encountered believed so much in their perspectives (belief system), concerning truth, they shouted for His death. To say the least, Jesus was a wrecking ball for His days religious institution. I can't help but want to ask what did He (Jesus) do so bad to them to deserve such a verdict if even death by crucifixion?!! Lets see, He healed their sick, raised their dead, cleansed their lepers and set them free - yet they wanted Him dead!

What an amazing marvel it is to consider the close proximity they had with the living breathing truth standing right in front of them yet still unable to recognize Him and even want Him dead! It blows my mind to think they could think of nothing else but murdering the very Truth standing right in front of them.

You and I sit in our cubicles, or at our desk, and wonder in amazement today at how astounding it is they would have been moved to the point of killing Jesus. While it is astounding and something to ponder with amazement I can't help but also wonder how often we often we've stared truth in the face without realizing it? Think you've ever heard truth and shunned it?

Sure, you and I most likely (I'm hoping haha!) would never pass the verdict of death upon anyone or anything as innocent as Jesus for simply preaching some truth we disagreed with. If we rolled back the time clock a century or two people did this all the time. It still happens today in many other places around the world. Real time.

I can't help but wonder how many times the Lord may have been working with us and, in essence, we become guilty of the same thing those of His day did and make His finished work on the cross come to no effect in our lives?

How many times have you heard about Jesus is your healing and walked away from it because of your perspective (belief system)? How many of us have heard God is Love and forgiveness and because of our perspectives walked away? What about faith? What about the impossible? What about your dreams? What about forgiveness and vengeance is mine saith the Lord?

You say, "Jonathan, that's different. We're not actually like the ones who yelled out crucify Him just because we walk away from His message!" Oh no my friend, I beg to differ!

Jesus died to give us the entire Gospel.

He died to give us the entire leather back book we call the bible. He died for all the promises of God in the bible just the same as He died for all of our sins and our ticket into heaven. You can't separate the bible and hash it out and say "this part I'll believe but this part is just outside of my belief system (perspective)".

I challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone and take another look at the bible and evaluate your perspective today. Where are you limiting His power in your life because of your belief system? Ask yourself and pray to God "Am I blocking you and Your blessings because of my perspectives?" Then ask Him to help you today in changing your belief system to be like His.

What you believe today is what will construct your tomorrow. Love

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