Religious Walls

Almost never do I actually preach what I planned on - hence the BLOG. Its kinda something we laugh about at The Church. Its always fun and we enjoy the word so much! I'm ok with that and always want to make sure that my plans don't get in the way of HIS plans.

Ezekiel 8 writes where the prophet is shown a wall. In this chapter God tells Ezekiel to behold and see, there is a hole in the wall! He also goes on the tell Ezekiel to dig through this wall. In other words, the wall is something that hinders the man of God from seeing what God intends for him to see.

This week, I spoke again about the walls that we face. The walls that keep us from seeing good days upon the earth that He intends for us to experience. There are walls in every believers life that stand before them taunting and holding them back. The series intent is to encourage every believer to take hope in seeing the walls come crumbling down. Just as the walls of Jericho so shall be the walls before you!

Some of the walls that we face are different from the next person. Although, there are other walls that we all have in common. In short, to the degree we are able to get through these walls is what will determine the degree at which we advance in our walk of Faith with God.

There's a great wall that stands before all believers today, I believe, its one of the greatest walls that we could ever face. Amazingly, if we're not diligent in our walk, we can actually find ourselves reconstructing these walls and become imprisoned by it again and again.

This wall is the wall of Religion!

I will add, Jesus is recorded as speaking 8 "Woe's" to the pharisees throughout the Gospels. All of which dealt with their established religious beliefs. In laymens terms, Jesus blistered the religious organization of His day. He attributed to them, and their doctrinal teachings, the source of bondage and captivity. Needless to say, its a serious issue to the King!

Religion, in my context, is a negative thing. In Mark 7:13 Jesus said:

"Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye"

When I evaluate whether something is a worthy topic or something the Lord would actually share on Sunday morning, given He was the guest speaker, this topic hits the top of the list for me.

Mark 7 is Jesus speaking to the Pharisees and scribes that stood before Him that day. They had gotten angry that the Lord and His disciples weren't practicing the washing of their hands when they ate bread. Yep! That really happened. It's amazing what religious people get upset about.

I believe the Lord wants to point out the same thing He was pointing out that day. These pharisees were standing as a hindrance, a wall, between the Lords ministry to the people He came to deliver. In essence, these pharisees were standing between the Lord and His will toward the people as a wall!

Ephesians 6:14 speaks of the type of religious spirits we encounter in the church world today. I believe these wicked spirits come to confuse the word of God and thwart His truth from being understood. Why? In short, its the TRUTH that sets us free! Satan is afraid of you and I knowing and believing the TRUTH!


If you were satan, what would you work night and day on and do your best to keep out of the church? If I were him I would work night and day to confuse the people when it comes to the Word of God and the Truth of the Gospel. I'd raise up such a large dividing wall that the people couldn't even tell it was there.

These walls stand high and fortified in the church world today!


I hear people attribute to God things that should be attributed to Satan. The ruler of darkness! I still hear people today attribute sickness and disease to God, poverty, bondage, bad luck and the likes. You name it, God gets the credit for it today - the good and the bad. Even when the truth of the Gospel is preached the scripture has no weight nor bearing on people's beliefs. This is sad but very true. Most people wouldn't dare allow the scriptures to change what they believe.

We challenged that thought today with the illustration of what happened in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned. The question was asked: If God's sovereignty includes sickness and disease and all the bad things that happen in our lives today then, why didn't He stop Adam and Eve in the Garden? According to Romans 5 this is why Jesus had to die for the sin of our father Adam. Because of Adam and Eve you and I were born sinners.

The fact is, God gave the human race something called free-will when He created us. God didn't stop Adam and Eve because He had given them the right to chose what they wanted to believe and do. Just the same with us today.


Question: If God is responsible for all sickness and disease then how can we believe for healing? Its not possible.

This is an incorrect religious belief that Satan has crafted into the church world in order to cripple it and keep it sick and diseased. This belief is a tremendous WALL!

Healing is only one place where believers face a religious wall. There are so many walls that stand before the church worldwide today that its frightening in a way. For that fear I stand on 1 Corinthians 10:13

"There is no temptation that has overtaken you except such as is common to man, but God is FAITHFUL, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will provide the way of escape"

I believe there is Hope for the Churches across our land and the truth of the Gospel will prevail!!

Our prayer for you today: God, the Father of all Truth, give you the strength to see the religious walls that stand before you today and His Truth. By His Grace and Power, your walls will come crumbling down!

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