Colassians 2:15

he disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross.

Earlier in the year the proclamation went forth that this year would be a year where we saw our Giants defeated. The giant of fear, unbelief, debt, broken marriage, brokenness, etc. I still believe that this is a word for us today.

Like most, the first thing your mind goes to when you hear something like that is all the things you need to "DO". Immediately, you start to think of all the things that you may have dropped the ball on and where you may have had a "below par" performance. Some even start tasking themselves with more prayer, reading the word, better behavior, etc thinking that this will remedy God moving toward them. These things are all really good and we encourage them as well. But, if this is where your mind goes when you think of seeing the breakthroughs and the hand of God work on your behalf you're getting it backwards.

The difference in what you BELIEVE not in what you DO.

While I am all for encouraging you to read, study and pray more I most certainly am not for you doing it in order to get God to move more on your behalf. The things you DO are not what causes your Faith to began working in your life. Modifying your behavior is not the first thing to focus on in order to improve your life or getting God to do something for you. First things first. The focus needs to be on what you BELIEVE not what you DO.

Eternal Principle: Changing what you believe you will changes what you do.

In the old testament you read where the children of Israel, led by Joshua, were told to go in and possess the land. There was an actual physical land that God had already declared to be theirs yet, the task they had to perform was going in and getting it. It was a miraculous feat as you read seeing how they possessed the land and they saw manifestations of God's power as they went in.

In the new testament things are a bit different for us. There isn't a physical Philistine Giant like David faced. There isn't an actual physical body or land, so to speak, for you to actually walk in and take. You don't need a physical sword or physical breastplate. The difference is now, we have spiritual lands and places that God has given us to possess and occupy.

This is good news. Spiritual things are superior to Physical or Natural things.

In other words, before you actually walk in the debt free home, happy marriage, healthy relationships, blessed finances you don't actually have to physically go in and grab it. Today, as a New Testament believer, all you have to do is BELIEVE it!

Began to see yourself in the winners circle with Jesus!

Today we're actually in a much higher place than what an old testament believer would have been. We don't have to even go to battle and fight anyone or anything to obtain the promises. Jesus has already DONE all that for us in His finished work on the Cross.

The word is DONE!! Not Do!

We need to see and believe what is DONE, not what we need to DO. In Jesus you and I have already won the battles of life. In Jesus you already have everything you will ever need or desire to ask God to do for you. I know that's hard to think but nonetheless it is absolutely true.

Start to see yourself as one with Him sitting in the winners circle of life. By Grace God has already conquered and defeated every giant that you will ever face in life. Its DONE!! That's what it means to be under Grace. It means that you and I can rest in the victory Jesus has won for us.

This is the true battle of walking by Faith. It literally is all wrapped up in how well you believe in what Jesus has done for you on the cross. Can you see and believe the verse from Colossians 2:15? All the demons (Giants) that have held you captive for so long have already been defeated! See yourself there with Him!

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