**Sequel** Facing and Defeating Your Giant(s)…

Throughout this series, Facing and Defeating your Giant(s), we have discussed how we each have a giant or giants that we fight against. Giants come in all shapes and sizes. We have spent time over the month of January examining these giants and looking at ways that we are able to defeat them, not simply face them.

What is keeping you in the boat…

In our first post, we spent time looking at the message Jonathan shared this weekend, specifically asking the question: What is keeping you from taking that next step? If you missed that post, I would encourage you to take a few minutes to catch up before reading further.

Jonathan shared several key points on Sunday, each being excuses we use to keep from stepping out of the boat. I wanted to examine each of these key points individually. My hope is this will help us take that next step in defeating the giant(s) we face.

The first key Jonathan shared was knowing that you have everything you need in your hands. We often believe that we are not able to accomplish what is in front of us because we don’t believe we have what it takes. Check out the post, What is Keeping You in the Boat (Part 2), to read more into this key point.

The second key point Jonathan shared was making decisions based off of fear. We allow fear to rob us of realizing the potential in our lives by not taking that next step. Often, we are afraid of taking that next step and this not only affects our lives, but it makes a big impact on the lives of others as well. Check out the post, What is Keeping You in the Boat (Part 3), to find out more on this key point.

The last key point Jonathan shared was about making decisions based off of comfort.

Make Yourself Comfortable…

This is a big deal. And as I spend time thinking about this topic this morning, I can’t help but see how much this really ties into allowing fear to stop us from taking that next step.

Most people prefer a certain level of predictability. Maybe it is a routine that you follow each day. It could be a relationship. It might be the amount of money in your bank account. Comfort comes in all shapes and sizes.

I am definitely a fan of comfort just as much as the next person. I try to follow the same routine each morning during the week. My relationships with family and friends bring a level of comfort to me. Casey and I have been officially “debt free” for about 18 months, which brings a level of comfort to our lives financially. I share all this in transparency, and to say that I need to work on this just as much as anyone else.

I don’t think comfort is necessarily a problem. Comfort is something that we, as a culture, rightly pursue. While some might argue with that statement, think about the last time that you had someone to your house for dinner. You probably told them, in effect, “make yourself comfortable.” Think about the last time that you traveled out of town and stayed in a hotel. The goal of the hotel, regardless of the brand, was to bring a certain level of comfort to your stay.

When Comfort is King…

The problem with comfort arises when we refuse to make a decision in fear of losing it. Truly, when it is all boiled down, comfort prevents us from taking our next step because of the fear of the unknown. Often, we would rather stay in the middle of our dysfunctional situations than make a change. What we know is more comfortable than what we don’t know.

And when comfort takes the front seat in our decision making process, we have a big problem. David Platt wrote the book, Radical, which focused quite a bit on how comfort affects the lives of Christians. This is a book that will definitely challenge your thinking in this area.

We had our first leadership meeting at the church this past week and one of the topics focused on having the courage to step out of our comfort zones to lead in the direction that our church needs to. It can be scary to take a leap, and the risk that comes along with it. But I have learned that when you take a risk, you will at the very least learn something that you didn’t know.

Take that next step…

So, if you have been on the fence about whether or not to step out of your comfort zone, I hope that you will give it a shot and see what happens.

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