A New Paradigm

What do you see?

Recently, I had an eye exam. I mainly went to get a copy of my prescription so I can get some new safety glasses for work and I didn’t expect that my eyesight had changed much.

Boy was I wrong… After going through the normal questions and procedures, the doctor showed me the difference between my current lenses and the lenses that she recommended. The difference was startling. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that much since I am in my mid-thirties now.

What I didn’t know…

It is quite amazing to see the difference that a correct pair of glasses can make in your eyesight. It is much like watching a movie in high definition for the first time. You really do not know what you are missing until you have experienced it. This was my experience the first time I put on my glasses (years ago). The colors were much brighter and everything was remarkably clearer.

I had no idea how much I was truly missing because my eyesight had changed throughout the years. It is very much like the five or ten pounds that you gain over the holiday that you really don’t feel, until you step on the scale.

It truly amazes me that you can walk around completely ignorant of something so important.

Annual checkups are important. And for the most part, Casey and I regularly visit the doctor, dentist, and optometrist for these checkups to make sure we are in good health.

Similarly, this is exactly why I believe it is so important for us to regularly engage in a church that challenges what we believe.

You don’t always know what you don’t know. And unfortunately, we all make decisions based off the information that we have, even if that information is not complete.

Jonathan continued to teach Sunday morning on how important it is for us to examine our doctrine (core beliefs) and understand how that impacts our paradigm (worldview; lens) in life.

The truly tricky thing is that your paradigm (lens) can be skewed, damaged, or even broken, and you are completely unaware of it.

What if you’re wrong?

So many people complain about their experience in life. Most will immediately begin making drastic changes to their lives without questioning their core beliefs or the lens through which they are looking.

They look for a new spouse when their marriage feels stale. They change jobs because they were not compensated properly. They changed the church they attended because they did not agree with the sermon message from last week.

What amazes me more than anything else is how we can justify in our own minds almost any kind of behavior or decisions. Given enough time, I can talk myself into or out of doing almost anything. The only difference is the pair of lens through which I look.

So here is a question that most do not dare to pose…

What if you are wrong?

What if you are, in fact, the one in the wrong? What if you are the one that needs to make the changes? What if your attitude is the one that needs adjusting? What if you have been looking through the wrong pair of lens this entire time? Most of us tend to believe that we are always, or mostly, right when we find ourselves in disagreement with others.

But, maybe we are the ones that need to change.

Maybe we have been walking around with an old air of glasses? Perhaps we need to adjust our perspective in life?

Change your lenses…

Jonathan used a powerful illustration (tuning a guitar) of how we have to align our heart (what we believe) with our mouth (what we speak) in order to see change in our paradigm. It is a simple concept to grasp but much more difficult to put into practice.

It isn’t easy, but it can be done. People can change. And you can, with effort, change your paradigm. It isn’t easy, but it is possible.

Maybe it is time to examine your paradigm. Have a blessed week.

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