He Will Hear It From Me

This week has been crazy busy but I did not want to break my commitment to post at least one blog per week. Unfortunately, I have not been able to sit down at my computer long enough to truly process and create something new. Since I couldn't share something new, I decided to go back through my previous posts and pull one of my favorites to share with you. This post was originally posted on March 12, 2014. Hope you enjoy...

He Will Hear IT From Me!

I heard an interview with a professional athlete the other day that really made a powerful impression on my life.

This athlete was being interviewed on stage during a live event focusing around the topic of passion.

During the conversation between him and the interviewer, this multi-million-dollar star athlete made a statement about his personal struggle to find value in his self.

He shared candidly that he did not receive the affirmation he needed growing up as a child. He said that no one spoke into his life when he was younger, telling him that he could make it, that he could be “something” in this life. (I’m paraphrasing all of this of course).

And this is what had the most profound impact on my life that day, well two things:

  1. It struck me as strangely odd that someone who is paid millions of dollars to use his gift and talent would struggle to find value in himself. This gives me encouragement considering the days and nights that I struggle personally to believe that I can do the things that I feel God has gifted me to do. And it reminds me that we are most vulnerable and protective around the things that are most personal to us. For a professional athlete to admit that he struggles with self-worth was a big encouragement to me. In today's culture and technological advancement, it is possible for us to keep up with what everyone else is doing all the time. Through platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and countless others, I have the opportunity to follow and friend limitless people. I have the opportunity to step behind the scenes of celebrities and people who I admire. This also gives me the opportunity to compare myself to them and my life to theirs. We have unlimited access to know what others have done and are doing. And this gives the opportunity to think less of myself because I am not as far along as someone else. However, I have to remember that God has created me uniquely and purposefully. I am one of a kind. And that's perfectly okay.

  2. It also challenged me to intentionally and verbally affirm my son. I came up with a phrase to challenge me and to keep me humble: He will hear IT from ME. Parker will be affirmed by me. He will hear it, even at the times he doesn't want to. He will hear it now, at five months of age. He has heard it day after day, almost without fail: Parker, you are a blessing! I am proud to be your father! He will hear it when he is older. He will hear it on the days that he is more like me and less like his mother. But he will hear it from me. I will affirm the calling and gifts that God has placed in him and prayerfully, and with the help of God, he will not enter his adult years still trying to prove something to people. Or perhaps even trying to prove it to himself. Or worse yet, trying to prove it to his father. He will hear it from me. He will know that he is a blessing! He will know that he has worth and value. Parker will hear it from me.

Parker is not the only one that will hear it from me. Casey, my wife, will hear it from me. She will hear that she has value and worth. She will hear that she is a blessing. She will hear that she is a gift and has gifts to share with the world. She will not have to run to the arms of another man or read some “fantasy” book to get the affirmation that she needs. She will hear it from me. She will know that she is beautiful, intelligent, kind, generous, creative, and so many other things. She will know that she is loved and she will know that she has value. Casey will hear it from me!

So will the students that we lead at church. They will hear it from me. They are valuable. They have a purpose and God has a plan for their lives. They have value! They are a blessing. They may not hear it at home or school. They may not hear it from anyone else. But they will hear it from me!

What about you? Are there people in your life that you need to intentionally and verbally affirm today? Why not do so right now? Take a moment to encourage those around you and remind them that they have value and worth! And while you are at it, remind yourself of the same!

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