Are You Resting...

Jonathan started this series in July and has spent the past nine weeks challenging us to learn to wait on and rest in the Lord. I can honestly say that I have grown through the teaching of this series. God has stretched my faith and taught me to rest in His grace. My faith is stronger and I have more confidence that God is working in and through my life!

My desire over the past two months has been to share what God has been teaching me through this series. I have had several people share that God has blessed them through these posts and I give Him all the glory for those stories. Prayerfully, God will continue to use this blog to encourage and bless others in their journey with the Lord.

As I was looking back through my notes from this week’s teaching, I was struggling with what to share until I got to the very last statement I had jotted down. And I hope God will use this post to encourage you in your faith today!

A Question to Ponder…

When everything is said and done, the question that we have to answer is…

Do we really believe what God has said in His Word?

That one question touches at the root of all fear, anxiety, concern, doubt, frustration, impatience, and anger that we feel from time to time.

Those of us who have been raised in church are too quick to answer this question. Of course we believe what God has said. But when you slow down and allow that question to sink deep into your heart, you might be surprised in what you really find.

Do we really believe what God has said in His Word? Is our faith actually grounded in what God has said? Are we willing to put all our chips on the table in faith? Are we all in?

Do we really believe what God has said in His Word? Are we listening to His voice or the many distracting voices that this cluttered world has to offer? Are we listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit or have we sought the opinions and thoughts of man? Are we forming our decisions on what God has said or can we only hear what our circumstances tell us?

Do we really believe what God has said in His Word? What standard do we hold as the plumb line of our life? Does God’s Word have the final authority in our life or not? Is His Holy Standard the standard through which we funnel all the decisions we are faced with? Is our life founded on the never-changing Word of God or are we allowing the trends and fads of an ever-changing society to dictate what we believe and what we do not believe?

Do we really believe what God has said in His Word? This is a truly powerful question, one that cuts right through all the religious-ness we have been taught to cover ourselves with!

But I don’t believe it is the best question…

I believe there is a better question that we can ask to really cut through all the junk in our lives and get to the heart of the matter.

The best question is…

Do we really believe God?

Truthfully, you can cut straight to the point. Often it is not whether or not you believe what God has said in

His Word. The question is whether or not we believe God.

If you don’t believe God, you won’t believe what He has said in His Word or what He speaks to you personally through it. If you don’t believe God, you won’t put a heavy weight on spending time in that Word. If you don’t believe God, you won’t allow other Christian men and women to speak into your life.

Because if you don’t really believe God, nothing else really matters!

So, I ask again, do we really believe God? By this point, maybe you’re not as confident as you were when you started reading. My goal for this post is not to make you doubt your faith, but to truly get to the heart of what matters most in this life we have.

Because the way you answer this question really does change everything!

My challenge to you this week is simply stated…

Live each moment like you really believe God…

No matter what decision you might be facing right now, you have the option to face it in light of believing God!

Believing God is with you…

You are never alone! No matter what the circumstances say, God says He is with you! Even at your loneliest, God is right there!

Believing God will not forsake you…

No matter how much you mess up, God is right there with you to help you pick up the pieces. Better than that, He can put those pieces back together. And when He is done, the picture is even more glorious than you could ever imagine!

Believing God is for you…

The plan He has for your life is for you to prosper in all areas of your life! Everything does not always come together when we think it should, but His timing is perfect and His grace is sufficient!

Believing God will use you…

God has equipped you in His perfect will with certain gifts and abilities to be used in complete harmony with other believers to make an impact in this generation!

Are You Resting…

Do you really believe God? If you do, resting will come much easier to you! I am believing God for some impossible things these last few months! I have never been as excited about what is in my future as I have over this series.

And when I look at the mountain in front of me that seems impossible to climb, I can honestly say that I am at rest. I have finally arrived at the conclusion that the challenge in faith is to fight to rest!

And so I ask you the same… Are you resting?

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