The Church of Anderson.....


began September 30, 2012.  From a humble beginning we have evolved and grown through the power of God's Grace. Our pastors, Jonathan and Tracey Boggs, entered the ministry under his grandparents the late, Ansel & Byrdie Boggs, as assistant pastors in 2005.  Just 2 years later Jonathan left behind the engineering field at an early age of 26 and entered into the full time ministry.  


Ansel & Byrdie, who were serving as itinerant pastors from 2000-2005, in order to keep the doors of the church open, had a vision to raise up a thriving church in Anderson, SC that was an epicenter for Jesus making Him the Center of everything. From there Jonathan began to teach and preach the Word of God under the leadership of his grandfather.  Jonathan and Tracey were privileged with the amazing opportunity to be able to glean from the decades of his grandparents life and wisdom of ministry 1st hand. 


In due time the Holy Spirit directed our former pastor, the late Ansel E. Boggs Sr., to pass the reigns of leadership to pastor Jonathan his grandson. With the wonderful congregation at TCA, Jonathan and Tracey began to embark upon a journey they are still passionately pursuing till today.


In September, 2012 the Lord directed Jonathan to start "The Church of Anderson". We believe our church and ministry is unique in the way that it began. Pastor's Jonathan and Tracey are the result of ministry that was handed off from one pastor to another. From father to son. We believe that the Holy Spirit has lead us to such a time as this and our best days are yet to come!



The late Pastor Ansel E. Boggs Sr.

Pastors Jonathan & Tracey Boggs

The late Byrdie Lee Boggs